Face Off By Ken Danby

danby-face-offI chose this painting because it looks real and has a lot of detail in it.  I like the colors in it and I like hockey.  The colors go well with what is happening in the painting.  I noticed that three of the players have black hockey stick tape and one has white and the front right players hockey stick tape is smaller than the others.


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Message From Mrs. Theriault

Only six days left to vote for Dave.

Please remember to vote once a day if possible.

Please let your friends know about the contest.


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Silk-interactive generative art

ems silk blog

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Cool Optical Illusions For The Science Fair

1. We took some books from the library about ideas for the science fair.  I saw some cool ideas in a book called Scienceworks but some of them need glasses so I couldn’t do them.


I found another book called The Amazing World Of Optical Illusions, Now You See It Now You Don’t.  There was one optical illusion on page 28 that was really cool . I like the way you can see it from both ways.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

optical illusions

2. I went online and found this site that has science fair ideas.  I found two that I liked.  one was about optical illusions and the other was about animations and apparent motions.

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Edublogs Nominations

Best Student Blog

I’m going to be nominating Bob because he has posts about video games and His comics are funny and he has a lot of posts.  He even has his own blog.  He has some animal widgets on the side. my favorite widget on his blog is his steam avatar.  I also like one of the games he made a post about called The Binding Of Isaac.  I also like how his headline at the top of his blog says blog of a titan slayer.


Best New Student Blog

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Blog Review

Today im gonna do a blog review.  Im gonna be reviewing Bob’s blog.  I like his blog because it has posts similar to mine and it has gaming posts and some of his posts are funny.  I like his widgets and his backround.  my favourite widget is his steam avatar.



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Sword Art Online

sao picHello I’m going to be talking about an anime post again.  The show I’m going to be talking about today is Sword Art Online.  I like this show because it has a lot of action in it.  I also like it because its funny at some parts too.  Sword Art Online is about this boy named Kazuto Kirigaya.  He gets this game called Sword Art Online.  He played the game before because he was a beta tester.  and if you don’t know what a beta tester is just search it up on the internet.  He got the game and he was playing it and he was helping another player named Klein level up.  He said he ordered pizza so he went to log off and he noticed something and asked Kirito how to log off.  (Kirito is the name of Kazuto’s avatar in the game).  He answered with “It should be at the bottom”.

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Education – Blog Action Day 2014

Dave OnlineHello, today I will be talking about what happens if you have no education.

If there was no education almost nothing would be made.  When you don`t have a job, you can`t build huge buildings or skyscrapers.  Without education there would not be any electronics or technology.  Without education I would not be talking to you or be in this school right now.

The reason kids have no educati0n is probably because there isn’t enough money for them to afford going to school.  and I bet its hard to live without an education.

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Video Game High School

vghs logoVideo game high school is a show that came out in the year 2011.  there are 3 seasons of the show.  the 3rd season came out Oct 13, 2014.  so far there are 4 episodes.  the episodes come out every Monday.  I’m still waiting for episode 5. The show is a comedy and action with a little bit of romance.  Its really cool and awesome but it has some swearing in it.  I wouldn’t of started watching it if my awesome bro didn’t tell me about it.  My favorite episode is episode 9 in season one.  SPOILER ALERT. The reason why I like it is because it has the most action compared to the other ones in season one and Brian d (the main character) kills the LAW (best player in video game high schoo0l) and gets the last point and he gets back into video game high school (after he was expelled).  Video game high school is available on YouTube or Netflix.

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