Blue Exorcist

The main character (Rin) is the son of Satan but he didn’t know about it.   There was a sword named the Koma sword that was special but Rin had some of the demon inside of him but not all of it. But if he released this sword he turned into a demon.  During what happens when Rin realesed the Koma sword he had to kill his father because he was fully possessed by Satan so he killed him with the Koma sword. That is as far as I got in the book.

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I’m Back!!!

I’m back on my blog This year with lots of stuff to talk about.  I can talk about my summer about things I got and just so much things to talk about and I cant wait to talk about them.

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From A to Z

A child named Davoniy was playing video games.

But he finished all of his games so he was getting bored.

Calling his friend would be a good idea.

David was his best friend’s name.

Electronics were their favorite things.

Freckles were all over David’s face but Davoniy didn’t care or laugh because David was Davoniy’s best friend.

Going to get a new video game would really be a good idea.

How would they get to the place?

In David’s dad’s car.

John is the name of David’s father.

Knowing his dad would let them, they went to the video game store.

Letting David know, Davoniy said he was paying for both of the games.

“My game is gonna be Watch Dogs,” said Davoniy.

“Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm is gonna be my game,” said David.

“OK one more step, do your thing,” said David.

“Pay the games,” said David.

“Q…Q…Q…Q…Q,” said Davoniy.

“R…R…R…R…R…R…R…R,” said David.

“S…S…S…S…S,” said Davoniy.

“T…T…T…T…T,” said David.

“Uh Oh,” said Davoniy.

“V…V…V…V,” said David.

“WHERE IS THE MONEY!!!” said David.

Xblrgneglr but…but I just had it,” said Davoniy.

“You didn’t you have it with you?” asked David in a furious voice.

Zoom. “Is that D…Dad? Yay Dad’s here to save the da-” “No, no, no, no, no, no! I’m not here to pay your games,” said John,” I’m here to – ” “No please!” said Davoniy, “You have t-” “ Fine, fine. I’ll pay your games,” said John.

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Clone Wars

If I got to clone myself I would be at school, at home, doing chores at home, playing video games, playing outside, playing at my friends house, playing at a waterpark, doing activities and many more things.

I would be doing risky things because I would just be able to get the clone back if It dies.

If I had clones I would help people or I would help the police do stuff like stop people from doing bad things.

And while all that  stuff  I`m doing with my clones the real me would be at home sleeping.


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A Hard Decision

If my house was on fire and I only had enough time to take five items, electronics not animals or people. I would take my I pod because it’s my second favourite electronic and I had it for a long time and it’s really precious to me. Second would be my tablet.  Third of course would be my PlayStation 3 because without that life would suck so much cause I always go on it and if I didn’t have it I would probably jump off a car (not really).  My fourth item would be my 3DS because it’s cool and I had it for about three years now.  And my fifth item would be my…TV.  Kinda weird, right, and no it wouldn’t be too heavy because it’s a flatscreen that’s not so big.  And those are my five items I would take if my house was on fire.dave house on fire

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Legend Of Zelda

Wow! Lindon’s sister is really obsessed   with the legend of Zelda. I really like the legend of Zelda also.

I was actually playing the legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d yesterday its really fun. The only thing I don’t like the legend of Zelda is the puzzles. Almost the whole game is about puzzles. I have one of the legend of Zelda games. I have the legend of Zelda Skyward Sword for the Wii. I used to have the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time but I lent it to one of my freinds for the summer and lost it in florida but my other friend lent me his legend of Zelda Ocarina of time.

Dave Zelda


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Dave shadow cloneNaruto is a Japanese show but is also in English. The name of the show is the name of the main character. The main character is a boy and his name is Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto is cool show. It’s funny, it has action in it and it’s really awesome because in the show they have powers called Jutsu that they do with their hands. For example they make a hand formation and say the name of the Jutsu. And also for example Naruto has a Jutsu called the Shadow Clone Jutsu. To make the Jutsu work he has to make a plus sign with both his index and his middle finger on both his hands. Once he makes that hand formation and says “shadow clone Jutsu” the shadow clones will appear. There are three types of Jutsu. Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu. Ninjutsu is a jutsu used with chakra. (chakra means energy). Taijutsu is hand to hand combat. Genjutsu is an illusion. Naruto can also use multi shadow clone jutsu. But the hand formation is the same but he has to say “multi shadow clone Jutsu” to make more appear. Chakra is the main source of the body (or at least im pretty sure). If someone doesn’t have chakra they wouldn’t be able to do a jutsu but that’s why they can charge chakra by making a hand formation.  To use a ninjutsu a person (in the show obviously) would have to have enough Chakra. Some ninjutsu cannot be used more than twice. There are two reasons why. One reason is if its used more than twice the person could drain all their chakra.

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If I was invisible

If I was invisible I would be able to walk through walls and sneak into places and scareDave Invisibility Cloak people by making things look like their floating. It would also be cool because no one would be able to hurt me. I would be able to steal everything in every single store besides weird stores. When I would wear clothes people will think the clothes will be floating. People would believe in ghosts.


Photo Credit: Harry Potter Wiki

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Video Games in real life

I wonder what being in a video game would be like or having a video game world around us. Having super powers, jumping high, never dying, that would be cool.  If I got to pick a video game to come to life it would be Naruto. That would be cool having the powers in that game but I would use them in a good way. I would be able to teleport. So if I would ever be late for school, I would teleport. There would be so many games to pick and to make come to life. It would be cool having any power or weapon or item or outfit from a video game.  No matter what kind of power etc., I had, I would use it in a good way like saving people, catching robbers and doing favors for people.

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My favourite show

davoniy blog dbz

My favorite show is Dragon Ball Z. It is on Vortex every Saturday. Vortex is a channel that is on every Saturday and it has a lot of shows. My favorite show on YouTube is Naruto but a couple of months ago it used to be video game high school because it has action in it like shooting racing comedy and fighting. Does anyone else watch manga shows?davoniy blog naruto

Photo Credits: Dragon Ball Z , Viz Media

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