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My favorite show is Dragon Ball Z. It is on Vortex every Saturday. Vortex is a channel that is on every Saturday and it has a lot of shows. My favorite show on YouTube is Naruto but a couple of months ago it used to be video game high school because it has action in it like shooting racing comedy and fighting. Does anyone else watch manga shows?davoniy blog naruto

Photo Credits: Dragon Ball Z , Viz Media

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davoniy ipod 5When I got my first I pod I was seven my brother Ryan gave it to me. Later on I got a new I pod. I got the I pod 4 and I’ve had it for two years now. Whenever I get home I check my I pod if I get ay messages from anybody or some of my friends on Facebook. If I don’t have any messages I go on YouTube to watch some videos like Naruto or grand theft auto 5 or Tobuscus and Smosh or other videos. Sometimes I play a game but its really unlikely that I would play a game after checking my messages on Facebook. My wallpaper is a picture of my favorite Youtuber  and his dog. I have a white grip case on my I pod. My wallpaper in my home menu is another picture of my favorite youtuber and his name is beside him in white. I put my three favorite apps on the bottom where you can put four but I only put three. I think it looks more neat that way. Does anyone else have an  ipod if yes what generation do you have?


Photo Credit: Apple Inc.

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When I got my playstation 3 I was seven. I got it the same day I got my iPod. I got it on Christmas 2 years ago. When I got my PlayStation 3 I had to share it with my little brother. The PlayStation was both mine and my brothers until he got a PlayStation 3 on Christmas 2013. Now I actually get to  play games because we used to argue over who gets to play the game that is not multiplayer. Because most of the games I have are only single-player which means that only one person can play it and multiplayer means multiple people can play. I have many games to play but I finished a lot of them. for short PlayStation 3 is ps3. Does anyone else have to share A console with any of their siblings?

Davoniy blog playstation

Photo Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

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Yesterday I took pictures of my skateboard and my helmet and my skateboarding Davoniy Dave skateboard 2 shoes. I took a picture of the griptape and the deck of my skateboard. The deck is the bottom and the griptape is the black stuff on the top of the board. On the deck I have Davoniy DAve skateboard 3some stickers of a skate park, a skate board brand and a skate board clothing brand. On the edge of my griptape there are some parts that are ripped and broken off.


Photo Credit: Dave Online

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Yesterday I took pictures of three of my dogs. Their names are Shadow, Sparky and Roxy. Sparky is the youngest but he is the biggest. Sparky is my favorite one. Roxy is the mother of sparky and Chica. I did not take a picture of Chica though. Shadow is the father of sparky and Chica. Roxy is the husband of shadow. Roxy and Sparky are black and Shadow is beige and Chica is white.Davoniy Dave Shadow Does anyone else have dogs or how many or what breed?            Davoniy Dave Sparky Roxy

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