My Skateboard And Equipment

Yesterday I took pictures of my skateboard and my helmet and my skateboarding Davoniy Dave skateboard 2 shoes. I took a picture of the griptape and the deck of my skateboard. The deck is the bottom and the griptape is the black stuff on the top of the board. On the deck I have Davoniy DAve skateboard 3some stickers of a skate park, a skate board brand and a skate board clothing brand. On the edge of my griptape there are some parts that are ripped and broken off.


Photo Credit: Dave Online

5 thoughts on “My Skateboard And Equipment

  1. Nice information on your skateboard and equipment I like also what you gave me like information on your skateboard I also like the desines on the bottom.

  2. One of my sons loves skateboarding. He used to go to Southpark a lot and there is an outdoor skatepark in Brossard that he also liked going to. He learned many tricks and he built a ramp that he used to use in our driveway to practice his jumps. He learned to do these tricks by watching some Tony Hawk videos and reading about them in Skateboarding magazines. Now he uses his skateboard for transportation mostly. He takes the bus to Bonaventure and then he skateboards downtown to get to Concordia. Can you do a lot of tricks and/or jumps? Always be careful and wear a helmet! ;)

  3. The angle of your picture allows us to see all of your skateboard. The picture that you took really matches with your topic. Your topic made me learn a couple of things about skateboards.

    Dan Online All Things Quebec

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