Top 5 rock songs

These are my top five favorite rock songs.   Im doing this list because I really, really like rock.  I only started to like rock at the beginning of school because a classmate told me her favorite song and then I listened to it then I listened to other songs by that band then I liked rock and started listening to other rock bands and songs.


5-I Dont Care by Fallout Boy

4-Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fallout boy

3-Rope by Foo Fighters

2-Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N’ Roses

1-Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

My Top 5 Favorite Anime

Hi my name is Dave and im going to make a top 5 favorite anime list!!!

5-Naruto Shippuden

4-Attack On Titan

3-Sword Art Online

2-Soul Eater


byak kuchI chose bleach number one because I really like its action and the storyline of it.  I like the powers the characters have and I like how their swords can transform into a different form to make them more powerful. my favorite character has to be byakuya Kuchiki.  I really like Senbonzakura. Senbonzakura is a skill he does with his sword and it is very powerful and almost impossible to dodge because you cant see it coming.




dtkI chose Soul Eater number two on the list because I started watching it recently and I’m really enjoying it so far. my favorite character has to be Death The Kid because he is really cool and funny and I like it how he wants everything to be perfectly symmetrical.




kkI chose Sword Art Online number three because I really enjoyed the show and its storyline very much. it was action pack and the ending of season one was good.  my favorite character is probably the main character, Kazuto Kirgaya (A.K.A Kirito) because is really good with light swords and I like his duel wielding skill.



la-1bfrr1h-300x169I chose Attack On Titan number 4 because of its action and horror and its storyline a lot. I like the show even though there were only 25 episodes I really really really really enjoyed it. my favorite character is of Levi Ackerman because of how good he is at slaying titans and of course…his attitude.


last but not least I chose Naruto Shippuden number 5 because of how action packed it is shand their powers called Jutsu. I like how they each have different Jutsu.  my favorite character is Shisui Uchiha of Teleportation.  He is really fast (teleportwise) and strong.





These are traditional ninja paintings. A ninja is a Japanese warrior that fights with swords and daggers. I’m interested because I saw a couple of movies with ninjas and there’s a show called Naruto and it’s about ninjas with powers. There’s a series of books that I read called Naruto that’s also the same as the show.

These paintings are really old and they were made a long time ago. These are the dates of the paintings: 1843, 17th century, 1866 and unknown. One artist is named Utogawa Kunyoshi. And then another one is named Kotsushika Hokusai. Tsukioka Yoshitoshi is the final artist.

My favourite painting is the one about the ninja about to slice the snake. I think it’s the only one with a sword in it and I liked the action. Continue reading


Bleach is a Japanese Anime about these people called  Soul Reapers that kill these monsters called Hollows.  the main character is named Ichigo kurosaki.  In the first episode he is walking down the street and he sees some people picking on someone.  He makes them run away by threatening them.  He arrives home and as him and his family are eating supper a big hole bursts in the wall and there is a hollow and a Soul Reaper helps kill the Hollow but first Ichigo gets her power and becomes a Soul Reaper and them kills the Hollow.  The next day he then finds out that the power he got from Rukia is his power now and he has to keep it.  Rukia dosn’t have her powers anymore cause Ichigo has them now. Ichigo Kurosaki is now a substitute Soul Reaper!  Rukia gets stuck in a Gigi (pronounciation for Gigi is GEE-GUY) for a long time until…Im sorry I cant say the rest cause of SPOILERS!!! Bleach is available on youtube,, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and just pretty much any Anime site. (Crunchyroll and Funimation cost money because you need an account) Just search Anime sites and you might find an Anime site with Bleach.  ( I wouldn’t recommend youtube because Anime is hard to find on youtube)bleach logo

missing in venice

One day there were some people partying, lots of people.  The Jackdaw was headed towards Venice.

The main characters are a teenager named David and his father Alex.    David and Alex were going there for a month.  Last time David went there he was 11 years old and he went with his mother, but now he’s 17 years old.

Everyone on the Jackdaw was partying when suddenly it got hit by something and everyone blacked out.

The only person who woke up was David but he woke his father up too.  They went to wake up someone else but they heard talking they were going toward the door when some guards with weapons walked in so they went behind cover so they wouldn’t see them.

They wondered how the Jackdaw crashed and what happened to the driver.  They went over to the front and saw the driver unconscious and saw some stuff in the driver’s cup.  Then they found out this was planned from the start.

They didn’t know how they would get past the guards.  David thought of his combat training that he did at home.  “Maybe I could put my training to use”.  He suggested

“If you’re going to take them out take them out without making noise but stick with me”. His father replied.   “Ok” David replied.   After taking out all the guards they woke everyone up.

“What happened”?   The people asked David and Alex explained to everyone what happened and how the guards were taken out and how the titanic crashed.

Later on, the police put all the guards in jail after they woke up.  David and Alex enjoyed the rest of their vacation in Venice.

The end

Face Off By Ken Danby

danby-face-offI chose this painting because it looks real and has a lot of detail in it.  I like the colors in it and I like hockey.  The colors go well with what is happening in the painting.  I noticed that three of the players have black hockey stick tape and one has white and the front right players hockey stick tape is smaller than the others.

Ken Danby was born in Ontario on the 6th of march.  he died on the 23rd of September, 2007 and was 67.  Ken Danby enrolled at the Ontario college of art in 1958.

Danby is best known for creating highly realistic paintings that study everyday life.

ken`s first solo exhibition in 1964 sold out.  His at the crease (1972) is an iconic and widely reproduced work in Canada, portraying a masked hockey goalie defending his net.


This is another artwork by Ken Danby.  I chose this painting because I like it and it is very realistic.  its a great painting and has a lot of detail.


Cool Optical Illusions For The Science Fair

1. We took some books from the library about ideas for the science fair.  I saw some cool ideas in a book called Scienceworks but some of them need glasses so I couldn’t do them.


I found another book called The Amazing World Of Optical Illusions, Now You See It Now You Don’t.  There was one optical illusion on page 28 that was really cool . I like the way you can see it from both ways.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

optical illusions

2. I went online and found this site that has science fair ideas.  I found two that I liked.  one was about optical illusions and the other was about animations and apparent motions. Continue reading

Edublogs Nominations

Best Student Blog

I’m going to be nominating Bob because he has posts about video games and His comics are funny and he has a lot of posts.  He even has his own blog.  He has some animal widgets on the side. my favorite widget on his blog is his steam avatar.  I also like one of the games he made a post about called The Binding Of Isaac.  I also like how his headline at the top of his blog says blog of a titan slayer.

Best New Student Blog Continue reading